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Bask in the gluttony of the Desert Sin Dance Company


How did the Desert Sin Dance Company come about?


Desert Sin was created in 1999 by a family of dancers destined for rock stardom. We were a group of women from different dance backgrounds who found each other while studying Middle Eastern Dance. We all fell in love with its exotic feel and emotional freedom, and were immediately inspired to work together to create a new, cutting-edge form of dance theatre that could employ our diverse talents and our wildest, most challenging ideas. Before Desert Sin really started appearing everywhere, there was very little attention paid to the Middle Eastern world of performance.


Some of your acts are performed topless. This is not typical Middle-Eastern belly dancing, is it?


You're right. It's totally not what you would see in the Middle East because the culture would never allow for it.  However, we are not a traditional Middle Eastern dance company nor do we try to sell ourselves as such. Whenever we perform topless, it's for a purpose. Whether it is an empowering statement or just an artistic aesthetic, we are very aware of what we are doing and would not do so without serious consideration. Often we try to represent ourselves as mythological characters and not just as naked girls on stage. We're embracing the beauty and the visual stimulation of the ancient deities and dance. Desert Sin has performed in front of public crowds of thousands of people while being topless and everyone loves it because it's something innovative, unique and empowering.

How many members are in the dance company and what type of training is involved to be a member?


Desert Sin consists of five principal members, and up to 20 additional amazing cast members, depending on the event.  Being a Desert Sinner takes more than just dance technique. Our performers need to understand how to use their bodies and their faces to tell a story, to make the audience feel the emotional and human side of the character or scenario they are portraying.  We work to bring out these talents in each other, always to move a step further—but everyone has come into the company with her own gifts to play with. 


Who founded Desert Sin and what is their background?


Djahari Clark, a dancer with 18 years of theatre under her bejewelled belt, founded Desert Sin in 1999.  She co-directs the company with Sa’ Elayssa, a third-generation Middle Eastern dancer and choreographer with training in a variety of dance styles.  Sa’ Elayssa credits her Russian Gypsy heritage and Djahari credits her childhood in Morocco for early inspiration.


What about the cutting-edge show Musée des Femmes?


Musée des Femmes, meaning “ Museum of Women ,” is a lavish, over-the-top spectacle retelling the tales of some of the boldest, most intriguing women in history and fiction. The carnival-esque show lends an emotional and human twist on fantastic characters such as the Hindu Goddess Kali, Joan of Arc, The Snow Queen, and Mata Hari, and includes a bevy of body-painted dancers, taking us on a virtual dusk-til-dawn tour of the ancient eastern world. We contacted Jeremy Vargus to produce our show. Jeremy really took the show to the next level and made it a commercial success. He’s an amazing and very detail-oriented performer/producer and has an incredible eye for beauty and for what really sells to the general public.


Tell me about the eclectic dance styles performed by the Desert Sin Dance Company?


Our shows combine elements of Middle Eastern dance, ballet, modern, hip-hop, neo-exotica, extensive theatrics, multi-media special effects, originally composed folk and dance music and extravagant costuming and body paints.  We present a tight, highly polished entertainment package. When we’re creating a show, if it doesn’t rock our world—it’s out!


Who was behind the magical effects behind Musée des Femmes that absolutely stole the show?


That would be Jeremy Vargus. Not only did he produce the show but he also created all the special and magical effects as well as the lighting. He is the mastermind behind the “spectacle.” Jeremy booked and produced the Blue Kali segment of our show into a huge, glitzy production in Chicago called “A Night At The Taj Mahal” last August.


Jeremy Vargus’ background consists of over 20 years of professional performing experience. Although he’s only in his mid twenties, Vargus has starred in television, film and live stage shows ranging from luxury cruise liners to major touring productions as a magician-singer-dancer-actor and off-stage he works as a show producer and Illusioneer. Most recently Jeremy signed us [The Desert Sin Dance Company] exclusively to his production company RPI Entertainment. He now produces, manages and handles all  publicity for The Desert Sin Dance Company.


More info on Jeremy Vargus’ work can be seen at: http://www.jeremyvargus.com/ and his production company: http://www.rpientertainment.com/


What’s next for the Desert Sin Dance Company?


“World domination!” (laughing out loudly) says Djahari Clark.  Seriously, the most important thing for all of us is that we continue to create, to make art, to make beautiful things that really touch people.  To watch our visions come to life is an amazing experience and to see audiences love it as much as we do— to be received with standing ovations and sold-out houses – is even more inspiring.  After the millions of hours of work on Musée, we are now more excited than ever to proceed with plans of touring and putting on more fantastic productions!


Please visit http://www.desertsin.com/ for more information and tour dates.



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